Off airport flying with the 701

First, let me introduce the summer camp in Svenljunga
where we have a grass field, 325 x 25 meters which is
just fine for dropping down under any conditions.

  Nearby, we have a very nice golf club and the greenkeeper uses my service to geta a good view for inspection and he let's me land on fairway no 17 when I want to fly in for lunch.
I don't play golf myself, but I really like places where you can land for a quck meeting with friends or to see your colleges about business matters when they are not to find in the office.  

  Sofia who is the manager agrees with the Pro that a 701 would be just fine to have along with all other equipment for keeping the club on top. Not a bad idea.
Ok, it's time to take off. The 701 just need a few meters to get airborne and it climbs to 500 ft before you are outside the golf court border.