Living Art Center - Viavinga AB

  The art space in Nittorp

  Good wine in fine leather - Elmo Innovation

  interior EXPO
  Aircraft and Railway shows in Hamburg and Cologne

  Dee Stool
  Design for seating with leather: Elmosoft/Pique

  Shape up with Elmo
  Refurbish with leather: Elmosoft

What's up  
Narrowing down to a few companies and events, we would like to give you a personal view of what's cooking in swedish design and architectual development.

Solving acoustics by leather panelling as artwork in a school
library in the village of Svenljunga, Sweden. The soft upholstered
panels replaced a dull fibreboard as a dramitcally magnified image
of the outside landscape.

The ELMO conference room at ESPIRA

Decorative wall with acoustic pannel

Design: Igor Cronsioe for Elmo

Elmo Sweden AB  Furniture and automotive leather.
By combining the latest technology and old handicraft skills,
we are constantly developing our product range. Today,
Elmo leather is available in a number of differet types and
in over 300 coordinated colors.

Living Art Center - Viavinga AB
Tranemovägen 1
514 54 Nittorp